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Le salon international de l’agriculture et

The international agricultural fair, which takes place every year in Meknes, is a precious opportunity for the benefit of agricultural entrepreneurs, Moroccan and foreign farmers, and various stakeholders in the agricultural sector, to learn more about the latest developments and take advantage expertise in the different areas of the sector.

For the Moroccan farmer, especially small farmers with limited opportunities, they wait for this international « season » periodically to explore the attractive offerings of the show from various poles annually.

The International Agricultural Fair offers many opportunities for the purchase and sale of products

Farmers and agricultural cooperatives from different regions of the Kingdom present their agricultural products at regular poles that allow them to be disseminated and presented to the world.

The International Agricultural Fair also hosts a significant number of countries seeking potential markets for its industrial agricultural products and viable technical experiences, according to their fields of this sector. Like previous versions, this version of the show has seen multiple opportunities for small farmers, especially those in the technical field and mechanisms. And according to the organized association, the demand on the « tractor » increased by representing the equivalent of 80% of the demand, which led to significant reductions reached up to 20,000 dirhams, plus the support of the state and the « temptations » of loans. This huge response reflects the importance of these mechanisms for farmers, accelerating the pace of production and mechanization of plowing and harvesting, the thing that the Moroccan farmer is aware of his need. In addition the show is a discussion station of many topics related to agricultural challenges, including agricultural soil management, water conservation and management of its use, production in a sustainable manner, and other topics. Indeed, this event came after an important continental conference, COP22, which put the adaptation of agriculture with climate change among these programs. More than that, the roots of these discussions were extended to the international fair in Meknes. The thing that gives another opportunity for farmers who are trained through training and awareness workshops on local and regional issues of agriculture,

Barriers that prevent you from taking full advantage of the International Agricultural Fair     

The fair was not without some constraints facing some small farmers and agricultural cooperativesduring their appearances in the show, such as, the language barrier that prevented Moroccan exhibitors and other foreign exhibitors from talking about their experiences and easily marketing their products to customers. On the one hand, the competition between the cooperatives in particular was very strong, because of the exposure of the same product in large quantities. In the same way, some farmers could not have good opportunities to present their products, due mainly to the lack of marketing techniques of the products. And on the one hand, some farmers, agricultural technicians, and cooperatives, complain about the distance that connects them to the international fair in Meknes, indeed, some of them need more than 48 hours to get to the designated place.

Aspirations and possible solutions      

In this respect, a large number of farmers and agricultural interests hope that this great event will be organized in other parts of the Kingdom, so that the greatest number of farmers and stakeholders in the sector can attend and enjoy the international exhibition of agriculture. A group of exhibitors also hope that there will be opportunities to learn about the methods and techniques of marketing their products, and therefore have more opportunities for profit. However, the language barrier is still an issue that needs to be rethought and developed plans and programs to ensure great communication opportunities between the different exhibitors in the hallways of the show, as a result, have positive results in the future. ‘

The international agricultural fair complements and represents the objectives and plans of the Green Morocco project, the main one being the farmer. This project has provided multiple opportunities for young entrepreneurial farmers, as well as middle and small farmers. It also has a positive impact on the hearts of many young farmers. But, for the small farmer who has entered communities and regular cooperatives, the show can only be a golden opportunity to gain expertise and experience, and explore the products of various exhibitions, and why not an opportunity to market the Moroccan product and represent it to the world.

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